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[Preview Blog Post] How to Create Online Content That Attracts the Influence of Celebrities to Your Business
Written by Debbie Horovitch, Book Publishing & Author Promotions Fairy Godmother
Have you ever wondered how some online professionals have micro businesses, but still seem to attract celebrity endorsements and support of their work? Whether you're seeing them be interviewed on an existing authority channel (increasing their audience), or they are hosting the celebrity on their own channel (increasing their authority for their own audience), I'm writing this blog post to demonstrate that ANYONE at any point can attract celebrities to support their business. You just have to understand the "golden rule" and how to apply it in this situation.

I've been attracting BIG NAMES to my own content online since I started my first YouTube livestream show on Google+ Hangouts on Air in 2012, and have been written about in articles and submitting my own content to media, since 2006. Sometimes I'm paid a small amount for writing, but usually it's free publicity or a thought-leadership article I've written and submitted to them to publish if it appeals to their audience. The pinnacle experience was probably writing an article that I wanted to have published in; only two weeks after I submitted it unsolicited, my article was published!