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About Debbie Horovitch
While Debbie Horovitch is truly a Fairy Godmother to her clients, she also refers to herself as a "media mad scientist" a title earned after a lifetime of working and playing with media channel businesses.

Her first job in media was at the tender age of 5, when she represented her family's TV viewing habits and recorded their viewing schedule in The Bureau of Broadcast Measurement's "TV diaries" for $5 in the '70s.

After studying Advertising Media Sales in college, Debbie spent 13 years as a Toronto advertising agency media buyer and salesperson, during which time she was responsible for planning, negotiating, contracting, and managing $375 million dollars of advertising media space for clients in automotive, retail, financial services, politics, media, and events. 

She was successful and happy, but wanted deeply to be able to help her entrepreneur friends, who couldn't afford the price of traditional media for their own small business advertising campaigns.

Everything changed suddenly when social media and book publishing were democratized, making media channels and the promise of free, unlimited audiences available to ANY business or person with an internet connection. 

From that point, Debbie has been consulting for advertising agencies, Fortune 500 companies, media channels and small businesses on social media, recognized as a Facebook advertising expert, creating YouTube livestream content for universities and media channels including The University of Waterloo Stratford Campus, and, and now she's focused on helping her clients fulfill their secret dreams, often beginning by publishing their book and promoting it book to "BESTSELLER" status.